Philosophy of Mentoring

So that you can know what to expect from me, here are some concepts I work from.

Change – Change is hard work. Healing from past events, change in current events, and moving toward change for the future all take effort and time. As a mentor I cannot want change for you more than you want it.

Scripture – I believe all Scripture is inspired by God and useful teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness (2 Tim. 3:16). I also believe the Word of God is without error. (1 Thess. 2:13, John 17:17) With that said, I do believe our understanding of Scripture can vary. Therefore, open discussion is encouraged.

God – I believe in the Trinity; Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. I believe He is a separate being from us, but resides within the Christian. He is the Creator who loves us intimately and wants good for us.

Holy Spirit– I believe that when two or three are gathered in Christ’s name, He is actually present with us, and he is doing the work of change. (Matt. 18:20)

Identity – Sufferer/Sinner/Saint – Who we are in our nature matters when it comes to change. I believe we have all suffered in this world; sometimes by our own fault, sometimes by the fault of others, and sometimes through no ones fault. We all must respond to the suffering in our lives and we often don’t have the resources to do that well. I believe we are all sinners; we gravitate to a self-oriented nature. And, for those who have trusted in Christ, we have been made new and given the power of the resurrection. As Saints, we have a power available to us through the Holy Spirit to break any stronghold we find ourselves in. This does not make us perfect, but it does make us capable of change.

We are spirit/body – Because we have both a spiritual nature and a physical nature, they affect one another. We have bodies that fail us; sickness, limitations, weaknesses, and DNA all play a part in the temptations we face spiritually. Spiritual attacks, mindsets, and sin can affect the body. These things interplay with one another.

Fellow Traveler – I am not a doctor that is capable of fixing a patient. We are fellow travelers on a journey. My primary objective is to help you overcome obstacles in your life. Because of my experience, I may have a perspective that helps encourage you.

Truth – John 8:32 says that the Truth will make us free. And John 17:17 says that the Word is Truth. While I believe these verses whole-heartedly, I don’t believe any one person has a handle on “Truth”. I also believe that there can be Truth found outside of the Scriptures. Truth that comes from other sources would be in agreement with Scripture and brings freedom, healing, and peace. Living in Truth allows us to bear the fruits of the Spirit. While I do not believe in ‘relative truth’, I don’t think that our concept of what is true can be applied the same in every and all situations. Open discussion of Truth is encouraged.

Psychology – I am not a psychologist and I can sometimes have very different ideas than those trained solely in Psychology. The academic pursuit of Psychology has often been to understand man without a reference to God. I don’t believe that will actually lead to full or accurate understanding of man, mental health, or relational health. With that said, I believe that the study of psychology has made important discoveries and has much to offer in our understanding of man.

Medication – I cannot prescribe medication, nor will I recommend taking it or not taking it. That decision is between you and your doctor. I believe that sometimes medication is the right decision and may be a permanent need or a temporary aid. Sometimes using medication may make it more difficult to address moral-spiritual issues OR sometimes not using medications may make it more difficult to address moral-spiritual issues. Medications can be a gift of God’s grace OR medications can be used idolatrously. A person can have wrong motives for wanting to take medication OR they can have wrong motives for not wanting to take medication. While I encourage discussion regarding medication, I do not view the usage of medication as wrong or right, but rather what will be most helpful in your growth.

Addiction – I believe ‘addiction’ is another word for ‘coping mechanism’…and we all have them. Some coping mechanisms create more damage than others and some are harder to break than others, but we all struggle with running to something to ease the pain of this life. There is no judgment here, only a desire to see you set free.